Gujarat is one of the leading states in producing solar energy in India. Gujarat has a total installed solar power capacity of approximately 10.13 GW. 

They have begun to take big steps through new projects in solar energy. The state has introduced many incentives and schemes to encourage more people to use solar power in their homes, offices and businesses. 

Gujarat has initiated many subsidies and solar policies to make a green future for their state. Subsidies will help people to cut down the cost of their electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions. Solar energy gives a huge amount of benefits to whoever uses it. 

A 3 kw solar panel can generate enough power that it can supply a house or a business.  The system size consists of about 8 to 11 solar panels. This 3kw solar panel can generate approximately 12 kwh of electricity. Accordingly, you can get 360 kwh units of electricity in a year. 

How 3kW Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels use photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity. This process called the photovoltaic effect, happens regardless of the size, type, or overall system design of your 3kW solar setup.

Solar panels use photovoltaic technology to generate electricity from sunlight.  This system is used in all of the solar setups regardless of their size, type etc. Sunlight releases photons and they come in contact with the photovoltaic modules.

The solar cells come along and absorb the photons. When sunlight hits the panels they create a flow of direct current (DC) electricity, but our houses require alternating current (AC) so inverters are used to convert it into AC energy. This energy is then generated into your house to run the appliances. 

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Price List of 3KW Solar Panels in India

The prices of 3kW solar panels in India differ by type of solar panels. Other important factors that make a difference in the price of panels are their quality of making the, and mounting structure used to set up your solar PV array. In India, the approximate price for investment in solar is Rs. 1,60,000 to 3,00,000. 

Model3kW Solar Price
3kW On-grid solar systemRs. 2,13,300 Onwards*
3kW Off-grid solar systemRs. 2,40,000
3kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 2,70,000
Price List of 3KW Solar Panels

Price List of 3KW Solar Panels in India with Subsidy

The government of India has provided Central Financial Assistance for residents of India to install rooftop solar plants. The CFA calculation is estimated in the following ways :

Model3kW Solar PriceSubsidy On 3kw Price After Subsidy
3kW On-grid solar systemRs. 2,13,300 Onwards*Rs. 18,000 X 3 = Rs. 54,000Rs. 1,59,300 Onwards*
3kW Off-grid solar systemRs. 2,40,000Not Applicable No Change 
3kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 2,70,000Rs. 18,000 X 3 = Rs. 54,000Rs 2,16,000
Price List of 3KW Solar Panels

The government offers subsidies for residential households. Anyone who wants to avail of the subsidy and wants to install solar panels can visit the National Portal for Rooftop Solar website. Fill out the application for the subsidy online and track the process from home itself. 

Types of a 3kW Home Solar System

It is an important step when you have to choose the right type of solar system for your home. Every solar plant varies in its prices, capabilities, solar energy output and overall efficiency levels. There are three main types of home solar systems:

  1. Grid-connected 
  2. Stand-alone, off-grid
  3. Hybrid

3kW On-grid Solar Plant

3kw on grid solar plant
Source – 3KW On Grid Solar Plant

An on-grid solar plant is one where your 3kW solar panels are connected to the local electricity grid. A special meter tracks how much electricity your solar panels send to the grid and how much is used. 

With each solar energy unit sent to the grid, you receive solar credits. Although you have to pay for the electricity used. At the end of the month, you are required to settle the difference with the local Discoms company. 

The on-grid solar system is most affordable for your households or businesses. On average, it costs between ₹2,13,300 to ₹3,59,296 depending upon the components used. This type of solar system is eligible for a subsidy by the government which can even reduce the price of a 3kW on-grid solar system in India.

Stand-Alone, Off-Grid

Stand-Alone, Off-Grid solar plant
SourceStand-Alone, Off-Grid

An off-grid system works without the local grid. Its important component is a battery bank that stores energy generated by the solar panels. This battery supplies power at night or when the weather is bad and there is no sunlight. The price for an off-grid solar system is about ₹2,40,000 including the installations.


SourceHybrid Solar Plant

A hybrid solar system consists of the benefits of both on-grid and off-grid systems. When you want assurance of non-interrupting electricity, hybrid systems can provide you with strong battery backup and connection to the power grid. 

With the use of grid connection, you can use net metering and send and withdraw power when you need it. Solar batteries store extra batteries from your solar plant which can be used at night. 

The price of the 3kW hybrid is approximately ₹2,70,000 including installation charges in India. This system is most expensive as it has more components than others.

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Benefits of 3kW Solar System

  • A 3kW solar plant generates 12-15 units per day. This can save up to Rs 66 – 90 per day and Rs 1650 – 2250 per year and within three years your collected savings can pay off your installation price. 
  • With solar energy, you can become self-sufficient from regional utilities. 
  • According to India’s weather conditions, solar panels can function 300 days out of 365 days. With the help of solar batteries, you don’t have to worry about power outages. 
  • Solar energy is the most eco-friendly energy source because it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases.
  • Even after 25 years, solar panels will still generate electricity, though at a lower efficiency (70% or less).
  • The cost of a 3kW solar system in India is affordable, especially when you consider the savings and financial benefits. Most households recover their investment in 6-8 years through these savings.

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Facts of 3kW Solar System

  • The batteries and inverter in a 3kW solar system have a warranty of 5-10 years. The solar panels have a 25-year performance warranty.
  • Only on-grid and hybrid solar systems for homes qualify for the national rooftop subsidy scheme.
  • To get a subsidy for your 3kW solar panel system, use solar parts made in India and have them installed by an approved vendor. Check all eligibility details on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar to benefit from the subsidy scheme.

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