Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, recently announced that the country will now begin with the electrical plan in the state of Merida with the help of China, India, and Türkiye. 

National Productive Economy Council took place in Los Andes where President said, “We have an ambitious plan to generate 3,000 megawatts with solar energy and strengthen self-generation in the Venezuelan Andes, the area most affected by the U.S. economic war” 

Venezuela is collaborating with China, India, and Türkiye to strengthen the national grid through the promotion of municipal-level self-generation of electricity. One of the Bolivarian leaders declared “This process will strengthen the national electrical system so that it can never be sabotaged again” With this they also committed to recovering the roads and highways of the country. 

President highlighted the challenges they have to overcome and they’ll feel proud to satisfy the people of the country. They have also seen development in the nation’s growing economy, a decrease in hyperinflation, and the exchange system is in control. 

“If we are already progressing in our farming and business sector in our difficult periods then I assure you our future will shine bright”, says the President. Venezuela will excel in the economy very soon. The country’s public education and health services still need recovery. With the help of entrepreneurs, houses will be built for three million families who need them. 

“The Los Andes region has been very strong. I thank you for your moral and fighting spirit,” said the Bolivarian leader. He said that one of the new goals is to build a “truly republican, democratic, and efficient state.”

The leader mentioned that Venezuela will work on creating a new economic system to get foreign money by changing exports to new markets.

“Right now, we are politically independent because we don’t have foreign rulers. We are not controlled by any other country and don’t listen to anyone. We are a free and independent country,” he concluded during his visit to Merida. 

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