A new report was released which said that China is leading in the world of renewable energy. Approximately two-thirds of the largest solar and wind plants globally are being constructed in China. Coal power plants have declined due to a boost in renewable energy. 

According to a report by Global Energy Monitor(GEM), a US think tank, China is constructing 180 GW of utility-scale solar power and 15 GW of wind power, which brings down the total of 339 GW of wind and solar power construction. China is constructing 64% of the global total. 

China is aiming to triple its renewable energy capacity by 2030, which is achievable even without hydropower. Its capital Beijing is also set to meet its target of installing 1200 GW of wind and solar.

Electricity generated in China by coal in May 2024 was 53 percent, while fossil fuels generated a record high of 44%. According to Lauri Myllyvirta, a senior fellow at the Asia Society Policy Institute, carbon emissions peaked in 2023. Therefore, coal’s share will decrease by 60 percent in 2023. 

Solar saw a rise of 12 percent in power generation and wind generated 11% in May. Hydropower contributes 15% followed by nuclear at 5 % and biomass at 2% of power generation. The country has decreased its carbon emissions by 3.6% in May. 

China’s National Bureau of Statistics released data which shows an increase of 29 percent in solar power generation, however, it does not include rooftop solar panels. For more accurate data, researchers use the China Electricity Council (CEC). The CEC provides information on both wind and solar output power generation capacity. 

Source : https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2024/07/11/china-building-two-thirds-of-world-s-new-wind-solar-power-plants-