India is prepared to host its first-ever International Solar Festival in September. This announcement was made on 24 June 2024 in New Delhi by International Solar Alliance

Highlighting public infrastructure solarization and India’s clean energy shift, the Solar Festival aims to solidify India’s leadership in renewable energy for developing nations.

India is at its peak of global sustainability efforts. The nation has set a target of 500 GW of non-fossil fuel energy by 2030. Solar energy will be dominating to success in renewable energy contributing 300 GW out of the 485 GW target. 

The inauguration of the International Solar Festival will take place in New Delhi this September. Nations from Africa and the West, alongside key institutions like the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations, and the World Bank. Solar energy advancement will bring all the countries together as a global community. 

The significance of this festival is to aim towards financial support and improve the development of the renewable energy sector. Global energy can meet its demands by transitioning fossil fuels to solar power.

Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General of the International Solar Alliance, importance of the Festival’s role in uniting stakeholders. Further, the green energy sector will get a boost with the help of this platform. Solar being the fastest-growing power source, events like these play a crucial role.

International platforms like the G20 and the upcoming COP28 will be facing major challenges and will find ways to reduce fossil fuels and increase renewable energy worldwide. 

India is already leading in this sector and with the help of government subsidies solar power is accessible and made affordable for the country and their households to minimize the cost of power consumption

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