Rajasthan’s Finance Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari announced the state budget on July 10, 2024. She has shared four major announcements related to solar energy in the state. Key initiatives include the introduction of Energy Express Home Reforms. In addition, the state is beginning to create model solar villages in each state district.  

The target of renewable energy generation is raised to 33,600 MW.

The Finance Minister has presented a plan to establish a 2 MW solar plant in the state. “All the government offices will stay connected with solar energy, ” says Diya Kumari. 

Currently, there are a total of 2,08,000 homes that don’t receive electricity. Within the next two years, the government will provide domestic connections to all households. Under PM Suryaghar Yojana, a solar village model will be developed and over 2.5 million smart meters will be installed to prevent electricity leakage.  

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