Solar energy is finally taking over fossil fuels. Fossil fuels like oil and gas have been there for the past hundreds of years and contributed to major economic and industrial development. Solar energy demand is increasing even faster than China’s investment in green energy. Energy companies in China are establishing enough solar power that they can overtake the seven largest oil companies. One of the largest companies, Tongwei Co., is building enough solar panels in a year that they can supply power all over Italy. 

There has been a major decline in the cost of solar panels in the last two decades and has improved in the efficiency of photovoltaic panels. According to the growth in solar energy in the upcoming hundred years solar energy will be the ultimate source of power generation. . The simplicity, durability, affordability, longevity, and efficiency of solar make it a great choice for a green future. 

A report from Bloomberg highlights the difference between oil and solar production. The top seven oil companies (Exxon, Chevron, Shell, TotalEnergies, BP, ConocoPhillips, and Eni) extract around 40 exajoules of petroleum energy from the ground per year and now compare it with 5 exajoules of electricity produced by solar panels. Now when we see the values it doesn’t impress us but if we understand that the majority of petroleum energy is burned and releases a lot of heat and noise, also energy generated by petroleum will last up to one or two months. On the other hand, Solar consists of a 25-year warranty and is a renewable energy so does not release any harmful substance.

Solar panel company Tongwei will generate about 27 exajoules of electricity this year, which is about four times more output as compared to electricity generated by Exxon’s oil and gas production this year. Energy generated by all the largest seven companies will not be able to produce more energy than Tongwei’s solar energy. 

The development, research, and production of the US are way behind in solar energy. Majorly China will be the leading player in solar energy’s future because of its growing technology and its take on renewable energy.