Rajasthan is a land where constant sunlight is available throughout the year. The vast unused barren land makes it an ideal location for solar generation. Being situated in the northwestern section of the country, having very few cloudy days makes it a perfect place for solar energy production. 

Rajasthan is the highest solar production state in India and regulations have been contributed by the state government to the sector expansion. The state government also offers several subsidies for renewable energy projects, as well as infrastructural assistance for the growing industry.

The Rajasthan government’s solar subsidy program is a step forward to achieving the adoption of sustainable energy at a higher level. The main motive of these subsidies is to reduce the consumer’s dependence on traditional power grids and make them independent to meet their electricity needs through a comparatively low-cost renewable energy method.

The Price Of Solar System in Rajasthan

Solar energy is not just an alternative to the debilitating source of energy but also has a key role in cutting down the emission of harmful gasses. Solar offers enormous potential to fulfil the rising energy demand. Solar is a worthwhile investment for ensuring a zero-cost power source for your home for the next 25 years. However, various unique elements impact the solar panel pricing in Rajasthan, including

  • The manufacturing methods utilized to make various solar panels.
  • The efficiency of individual solar panels.
  • Any state-provided subsidies or incentives.
  • Solar panel types include monofacial and bifacial modules.
  • The cost of shipping and installation, as well as the framework for mounting the PV modules. 

You have to keep in mind that the cost of solar may vary based on on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar panels. Here is a list of some of the solar system companies in Rajasthan.

Solar Panel Subsidy in Rajasthan

Are you planning to install a solar power system on your rooftop, and worried about the cost of the panels? Or do you want to know if you are eligible for any subsidy or grants from the government? 

Residents in Rajasthan can take advantage of the rooftop solar panels subsidy to reduce the initial cost of purchasing a rooftop solar system for their houses. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) started the project, which has stimulated interest in rooftop solar systems among residential users. Subsidies are offered to individuals who apply through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. 

S. NO.Rooftop solar system capacitySubsidy Amount
1Up to 3 KW18000/ KW
2Above 3KW Upto 10 KW18000 for the first 3 KW and 9000 for the rest of KW.
3Above 10KW1,17,000 Fixed
Subsidy Allowance in Rajasthan for Solar Panel

How to Access Solar Subsidy in Rajasthan

Applying for a solar subsidy in Rajasthan is very easy. The government of India makes the whole procedure very easy, faster, and accessible for everyone. 

First, you have to apply through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. Previously, the residents had to visit the DISCOM firm to properly submit their subsidy application through their state-level subsidy programs.

PM Surya ghar Home page
PM – Surya Ghar Home Page

After that, you will land on to a page where you can register yourself. You need to fill in some basic info including state, district, electricity distribution company and consumer account number.

Registration Process Page
Registration Process Page

Now customers have more influence over the application process for solar project subsidies in Rajasthan and other states thanks to the online platform. This not only speeds up the procedure but also takes away from the confusing and time-consuming need to interact with the local DISCOM authorities.

The platform allows registered users to closely follow their application at every stage, making it easier for rooftop solar subsidies to be processed in Rajasthan and around the nation. You may apply by logging into your account because the platform is available around the clock.

 Wait for DISCOM’s acceptance of the rooftop solar application’s viability. After the feasibility approval is granted, the plant will be installed by a DISCOM-registered vendor.

After the installation is complete, submit the plant specifications and request for a net meter. A commissioning certificate will be generated from the portal following the net meter installation and DISCOM inspection.

Log into the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana portal and submit your bank account information and a cancelled check as soon as you receive the commissioning report. The subsidy will be given to you in your bank account.

What is Net Metering (Give Your Extra Power To Others)

With the usage of net metering, homeowners or business owners who produce their power using photovoltaic or solar panel systems can export their excess energy back to the grid. An on-grid system integrates net metering and is linked to the main utility grid, whereas an off-grid system is often standalone. Through net metering, system owners may sell their excess electricity to the grid and use the grid to make up any gaps, generating additional cash. The owner will get payment for the surplus energy. 

On the other hand, energy is imported from the utility grid and the owner only pays the net amount if the quantity spent exceeds the amount created. Net metering was implemented in India as a state-by-state-varying attempt to increase the affordability and accessibility of renewable energy.

Advantage Of Solar Panel Subsidy in Rajasthan

So far we are very much aware of what solar panels are, how to install them, and how we can apply to avail the solar subsidy provided by the government. Now, if you still have a second thought about the solar panel system, we will tell you the amazing benefits of solar panels.

  • As we all know power outrages are the most common problem in households and even in factories also. Solar comes with a rescue that makes you independent in energy production.
  • When you opt for solar energy you can reduce your electricity bills. You can even meet all your annual energy demands with solar. Moreover, you can also reduce your bill to near about zero. If you calculate your bill savings for 7 to 9 years you will realize you thoroughly pay off your initial solar investment.
  • When you install a solar panel on your rooftop or any vacant land you are using the underutilized space to the fullest without even harming the environment. Rajasthan is barely inhabited in comparison to other states and has a large area that can be used for solar energy.
  • The PM Surya Ghar Yojana is aiming to provide 300 free units to every household on the installation of rooftop solar. This is a huge step towards encouraging people to go solar. The government of Rajasthan will also provide a heavy subsidy directly to the people’s bank accounts. Also, make provisions for negotiating bank loans. The solar panel subsidy will pay for up to 40% of the solar panels installation costs.
  • The owner will get additional credits and income if the energy produced by their system exceeds the quantity of energy consumed. In this way, you can add solar credit to the government grid.


Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL) plays a crucial role in promoting solar energy adoption and development in Rajasthan. The goal of Rajasthan’s new solar policy is to encourage solar power projects to transform the state’s renewable energy industry. The primary goal of the strategy is to encourage investment in solar energy generation through alluring incentives and efficient procedures. Subsidies, tax breaks, assistance with project development, and grid connectivity are important components that are meant to establish Rajasthan as a centre for solar energy research and manufacturing.

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