Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi announced that people who install rooftop solar panels in their houses will benefit from zero electricity bills, no matter how much unit of electricity a resident consumes. He mentioned this while talking about Delhi’s government’s new initiative of new solar policy which is expected to get official within some time.

Delhi Government has introduced its new Delhi Solar Policy 2024. CM Kejriwal declared a new electricity scheme  stating “You all know that we provide electricity for free up to 200 units in Delhi, half up to 400 units and above that, the full bill is charged” But now, Kejriwal said consumers will only be paid for solar power generation. 

Residents installing the rooftop solar panels will be able to prevail zero electricity bills and they can earn an extra income of Rs 700-900 per month. Additionally, CM conveyed in a X post that  “Electricity bills of commercial and industrial consumers will be halved,”. 

Under Delhi Solar Policy government buildings which have more than an area of 500 square metres are required to have solar panels in the upcoming three years, CM announced. 

Power Minister Atishi stated that Delhi Solar Policy has been approved by the Cabinet and likely to be notified within 10 days. In 2016, Delhi government introduced its first ever solar policy which was given the name “Solar Policy 2016”. Kejriwal said “It was said to be the most progressing solar policy”. 

The Chief Minister highlighted that the 2016 policy of Delhi government enabled the installation of 250 MW of rooftop solar panels within the city and around 1250 MW of utility-scale solar plants, totaling 1500 MW. Delhi’s annual electricity capacity accounts for 7.2 percent. 

The Delhi government’s announcement was made just before the Lok Sabha Election, scheduled for this year.